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Live Concerts

Eclectic Rendezvous

John La Barbera, composer/arranger for film and off-Broadway theater in New York City, presents some original compositions selected from various soundtracks along with influences taken from jazz, gypsy, tango, flamenco, Italian and Brazilian music.

This concert features music that, with the blend of guitar, violin, accordion and percussion, sets the mood for an intimate “Eclectic Rendezvous”.

 Some of the selected works include: Ellipsis, Bellissima, Waltz for Waiting, Tango Dolce Vita, Mambotangotella, Liberdad, Madrugada and Tango Soavamente.

San Miguel - John T. LaBarbera
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 John T. La Barbera  with special guest artist featuring Dominic Chianese

This concert presents a synthesis of various genres with music and dance and features original songs and popular melodies and with special guest artist  actor/musician Dominic Chianese. The heartwarming renditions of traditional Neapolitan songs, folk music and his original songs, arranged by John, make this a very memorable evening capturing the emotions we all have about our life experience.

Mi Caballo Blanco - Dominic Chianese & JT La Barbera
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                Echoes From The Chambers Of The Heart: A Musical Oracle

Inspired by dreams and mysteries that guide the listener into otherworldly realms with enchanting melodies that echo from the chamber of the heart and the labyrinth of transformation. Ranging from jazz and traditional roots to classical influences, it captures the romance and atmosphere of Italy and ancient Greece with a universal language that speaks to the deepest parts of us.

Song of The Goddess Diana - John T. La Barbera
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 A global array of music and song played on traditional plucked stringed instruments crossing cultures through time, tracing deep roots steeped in the Mediterranean and Middle East. Featuring the oud from the Arab/Andalusian traditions, the cura and saz from Turkey, Italian traditional string instruments including the chitarra battente and Neapolitan mandolin, the Brazilian cavaquinho and from the Amazon, the rarely seen viola de cocho. Music from the Arabic/ Andalusian traditions, Sephardic songs, drifting through Medieval and Renaissance music of the troubadours, ballads of Northern and Southern Italy, through Sicily, the Iberian Peninsula, then on to Brazil. It highlights a wide range of music both mystical and inspiring, culminating with original music composed by John La Barbera.


 The World On A String: Mediterranean Diaspora

New NIle - JT La Barbera
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Sand Waves - JT LaBarbera
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